No government jobs if you have more than two kids

assamdistrictsAssam may bar those with more than two kids from jobs

Taking a unique initiative for the development of the people below poverty line, the Assam Government on Sunday declared that people marrying before attaining the legal age for matrimony and couples having more than two children will not be eligible for the state government jobs.

“Anyone having more than 2 children, marrying before attaining legal age won’t be eligible for Assam government jobs under new population policy,” said state Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma while unveiling details of the policy’s draft.

The draft state population policy is put in public domain for comments and recommendations. It will be placed before the state assembly soon.  “

“The main aim to implement this policy is the development of the people below poverty line. If candidates were found to have married violating the stipulated ages (18 and 21 years), they will also be barred from government jobs. Families having more than two children will also be deprived of various benefits under government schemes”, added minister.

Assam population, according to 2011 census, is 3.12 crore. There was an increase of about one crore people in the last decade. The policy stated that 17.07% rate of population growth is unsustainable for the state.


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