Now free 3D Ultra sonography facility to BPL families in Jharkhand

3dNow, people belong to below poverty line (BPL) category can avail free 3D Ultrasonography facility at government hospitals across the state. While people belong to APL families have to pay a very low-cost Rupees 333 to access the facility.

Aiming to provide affordable medical help and to reduce the maternal mortality rate among the poor, 3D ultrasonography facilities were installed at the government hospital in 24 districts of Jharkhand under PPP mode with Jharkhand government and Health Map Diagnostic Private Limited, informed Dr Arjun Prasad in-charge district health department Bokaro.

On Wednesday this facility was inaugurated at Sadar Hospital Bokaro under the PPP mode. Now the economically poor people can get free accesses of the facility after producing their BPL card and the people belong to APL families has to pay 333 rupees only while private clinics or diagnostic centers charge Rs 700-Rs 1000 for ultrasound test, said Dr Prasad.

Briefing about the 3D ultrasound facility a medical expert of the company said, this is a medical ultrasound technique, often used in fetal, cardiac, trans-rectal and intra-vascular applications.

This 3D ultrasound refers specifically to the volume rendering of ultrasound data and is also referred to as 4D (3-spatial dimensions plus 1-time dimension) when it involves a series of 3D volumes collected over time, said the expert.

During generating a 3D volume the ultrasound data can be collected in four ways includes freehand, which involves tilting the probe and capturing a series of ultrasound images and recording the transducer orientation for each slice; mechanically, where the internal linear probe tilt is handled by a motor inside the probe, he said.

Using an endoprobe, which generates the volume by inserting a probe and then removing the transducer in a controlled manner, while the fourth technology is the matrix array transducer that uses beam steering to sample points throughout a pyramid-shaped volume, he said.

Speaking on the occasion a health department official said, a ten-bed burn unit ready for unveiling hear near Sadar Hospital at Bokaro. It will treat patients with all types of burns free of charge to the BPL family while others will have to pay about 40 percent of the total expenditure.

Presently, we referred the burn cases to RMCH Ranchi but after starting of this unit here at Bokaro patients will not have to suffer from any kind of problems, he said.

The burn unit at Bokaro would be one of the best burn unit of the state. It has been designed in such a way that severely burned patients will remain isolated as a safeguard to prevent infections, said Murmu.

This unit will be managed by Sadar hospital management, said the expert.

Beside others, Dr Niket Choudhary, Dr Jyoti Kumar, Dr Sikha, Sekh Ahmad, Jyoti Singh were present there.

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