Railway Parliamentary Standing Committee meets in Patna; discusses development projects, passenger facilities

by Suresh Pd Nikhar

JNS: A meeting was convened in Patna between the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Railways, chaired by Radha Mohan Singh, and Tarun Prakash, General Manager of East Central Railway.

The meeting, held on Tuesday, was attended by members of the committee, including MPs Kaushalendra Kumar, Narhari Amin, Ajit Kumar Bhuinya, Kheeru Mahato, and Dr. Prashant Nanda. The agenda included discussions on various topics, particularly the development of passenger facilities within the East Central Railway Zone.

Commencing the meeting, General Manager Tarun Prakash extended a warm welcome to the Honorable MPs and the Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee, Mr. Radha Mohan Singh.

During the meeting, several issues were deliberated upon, such as passenger facilities at different stations of East Central Railway, including the construction of foot-over bridges, platform elevation, platform shed construction, and provision of medical facilities at stations.

Additionally, various construction projects like gauge conversion, doubling of lines, and new line projects were discussed in detail. The meeting also emphasized the importance of digitalization in the railway sector.

Senior officials from the Railway Headquarters and Construction Department, as well as representatives from RailTel, IRCTC, CRIS, RBNL, and KRCL were present in the meeting.

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