Suspected material seized in Bokaro is not Uranium or Radioactive substance: DAE

JNS I Mumbai: On Tuesday, the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) revealed that the unidentified materials seized in the Bokaro district of Jharkhand were not uranium or radioactive substance.

“After the on-spot inspection and laboratory investigation of samples of the material it

We can certify that the material it is confirmed that it’s not uranium and is not radioactive substance,” said DAE authority in a report.

Though, in the report, DEA did not specify the material.

On a tip-off, Bokaro police arrested seven people on 2 June and seized around 7.5 kilograms of suspected natural uranium material from their possession. The seized materials were kept in begs were marked with a ‘Made in USA’ stamp.

After getting input that Bapi Chand Dutt (one among the arrested) is looking for customers to sell uranium, police rushed to him in civil dress as a customer and arrested him. Later, during interrogation, Bapi revealed the names of others involved. Police arrested them and seized around 7.5 kgs of suspected natural uranium material from their possession, police said.

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