Traffic fines goes digital in Bokaro

JNS I Bokaro: Bokaro Traffic Police is now equipped with the e-PoS machine, allow traffic violators to pay a spot fine through digital mode.

As many as 10 Point of Sale (PoS) machines were distributed on Wednesday, with senior police officials stating to be put to use immediately. At present, riders caught violating the Motor Vehicles Act (1988) provisions apprehended by police, who employ hand-held machines for spot fining, informed Sanjeev Kumar DTO Bokaro.

This e-PoS machine has been linked to the traffic department’s portal. The records from the driver’s license and vehicle documents would be retrieved from a traffic department site as soon as the registration number was entered into this machine.

In such a situation, it becomes easy to catch the people who are driving the stolen vehicles. As soon as the information regarding a violation of the relevant rule of MV Act is uploaded in this machine, its printed copy (on the paper) will be given to the violator, he said.

“Bokaro Traffic Police will work in a technical and better manner through this e-PoS machine. Along with this, without helmet, without seat belt drivers, vehicle pollution, vehicle insurance and challan will be deducted in other sections,” added DTO.

Now, fines can be deposited digitally, on the spot, through this e-POS machine. If the offender cannot deposit the fine amount on the spot, he will have to deposit it through e-challan within 15 days. Vehicle registration and driving license numbers will be blocked if there is a failure.

DTO said the e-posh machine has been made available to strengthen the district’s traffic system and recover the amount of penalty (penalty) from those who violate the provisions of the Transport Act through e-challan (online).

There are around 40 types of violations, such as disregarding traffic signs and driving without license, for which a fine amounting to a minimum of Rs 100 is levied.

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