Two Cyber Criminal arrested while trying to dupe DC Dhanbad

fraudThe Dhanbad district police arrested two cyber criminals from Tundi under Maniadih police station when they were trying to dupe Dhanbad Deputy Commissioner A Dodde, police said.

The arrested were identified as Vikram Mandel and Kishor and recovered a large number of ATM cards and phones form their possession, police said. A cybercriminal who claimed himself a bank staff and is calling from the bank asked Dodde to share his ATM card details and OTP (one-time password) over the phone. Dodde understands that it’s a fraudulent call and he immediately forwarded the mobile number to SSP Dhanbad.

SSP Dhanbad Manoj Ratan Chothe immediately set up a team to nab the criminals. With the help of his technical cell team trace the call and arrested Vikram first from Maniyadih and later on his trail, Kishor was arrested from Chark village, police said. During interrogation, both have given much vital information. Vikram revealed his involvement in several cyber crimes. He is having old track records and earlier jailed in many cybercrime offenses, said SSP “Our investigations are ‘on’ and police on the hunt to arrest other members,” he added.

Notably, the number of cyber crimes has gone up 10 fold in the past couple of years across the Jharkhand. Fraud bank officials, fake call centers, online cheats operating from the rural pocket of the state including Giridh, Dhanbad, Deoghar, Jamtara and others in Jharkhand have duped a large number of residents across the country especially residing in the Hindi speaking states. But now they are also targeting to the non-Hindi speaking people and spreading their wings those areas.

Recently, the Andaman- Nicobar police arrested a cyber criminal under Barbada police station in Dhanbad district who have duped a large number of residents residing at Andaman- Nicobar Island. A joint team of Andaman- Nicobar and Dhanbad police conducted the raid in Manjhialdih Madhugora village under Barbadda police station and arrested Ranjit Kumar Saw in cyber crime while the kingpin of the gang Sita Ram Das managed to escape.

Cyber crime cases have seen a steep rise form Jharkhand during past months the reason for this is the low rate of conviction, said Ranjit Giri Advocate district court Bokaro.

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