Ukraine apologises for Goddess Kali cartoon, govt. removes controversial tweet

JNS: Deputy Foreign Minister Emine Dzhaparova of Ukraine expressed “regret” today after the country’s defence ministry tweeted an image of a woman atop blast smoke, sparking uproar among social media users who noticed the image’s similarities to depictions of the Hindu goddess Kali.

“We regret @DefenceU depicting #Hindu goddess #Kali in distorted manner. #Ukraine & its people respect unique #Indian culture&highly appreciate support. The depiction has already been removed. is determined to further increase cooperation in spirit of mutual respect& friendship,” Dzhaparova tweeted.

She said that Ukraine “regrets” the defence ministry’s depiction of goddess Kali in a “distorted manner” and that the European country “respects unique Indian culture and highly appreciates the support from India”.

The image, tweeted by Ukraine’s Defence Ministry on April 30 with the caption “Work of art,” was improvised by Ukrainian artist Maksym Palenko.

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