UN ready to acknowledge India’s name change to ‘Bharat’ after formalities

JNS I New Delhi: In a significant development, the United Nations (UN) has expressed its readiness to alter India’s name to ‘Bharat’ in its official records upon the completion of all necessary legal procedures. This confirmation came from a UN official during discussions with NDTV on Friday.

UN Secretary-General Stephane Dujarric stated, “When India completes the formalities to change the name, they will inform us, and we will change the name in the UN records.”

The announcement follows the recent controversy sparked by President Droupadi Murmu’s introduction as “President of Bharat” instead of “President of India” during her invitation to G20 leaders.

Dujarric, addressing the matter at the G20 conference in Delhi, emphasized that the UN refrains from making comments on such debates. He characterized the UN’s role in this process as bureaucratic and procedural, stating that once the name change procedures are finalized by India, the UN will duly update its records.

This perspective change aligns with a pattern of countries altering their names for various reasons, whether political, social, or otherwise. Notably, Turkey changed its name to ‘Turkiye’ last year, underlining that such transitions have occurred on several occasions throughout history.

The usage of ‘Bharat’ in a G20 pamphlet distributed to foreign participants has sparked strong opposition from political circles in India. The title of the booklet has been kept “Bharat, The Mother of Democracy”.

As the 18th G-20 Summit convenes in New Delhi on Saturday, the world closely observes the unfolding developments and discussions between global leaders. The summit will bring together over 30 heads of state and high-ranking officials from Europe, invited guest countries, and 14 international organizations, marking a critical moment for global diplomacy and collaboration.

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