University of Limerick invites applications for MSc in AI, ML

JNS: University of Limerick, Ireland is now inviting applications for its MSc program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The course aims to provide students with core knowledge of artificial intelligence technology (AI). AI learning has now become the most comprehensive and advanced knowledge that is revolutionising our lives and building responsive, adaptive and intelligent behaviour to lead a fast-paced world each day. The students will become futuristic leaders in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

The program offered by the University of Limerick showcases the new trends happening in the AI world. Students will be able to explore emerging disciplines and technologies such as Bioinspired robotics, Humanoid robotics, Causality modelling, workflow synthesis and more. The course will focus on emphasizing applying these techniques to a variety of applications such as text analytics, machine vision, predictive maintenance, business analytics and many others. This course will very well prepare the students' future careers so that they can meet the industry demands of AI and Machine Learning skills.

Suneet Singh Kochar, CEO of Fateh Education is quite optimistic about the advanced AI and Machine Learning Course. Speaking about the course, he said, “University of Limerick offers in-depth and expansive knowledge about this particular subject and covers a range of topics and applications that will help students learn both theoretical and applied AI and Machine Learning. This will help students develop solutions for real-world problems. AI and ML are anyways one of the most sought-after courses by Indian students and this particular course by the University is quite popular amongst them.”

A primary degree in any subject area, with first- or second-class honours in a relevant or appropriate subject is must for entry.

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