Vedanta launches ‘Saathi’ program to boost MSMEs

Ashis Sinha I JNS: Vedanta Limited launched its flagship programme “Vedanta Saathi” aiming to promote micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). Vedanta Limited is a leading manufacturer of metals, oil, and gas in the country.

With a significant MSME customer and supplier base, the company has been promoting the MSME ecosystem for over two decades through its expanding value-chain, supply-chain and socio-developmental programs, informed a Public Relation Official of ESL.

Vedanta’s e-commerce portal will provide advantages including transparent pricing, easy access to products, small lot buying, channel financing, and micro-logistics support. Other advantages include live pricing options, direct buy access to a diverse product portfolio with no bar on quantity, as well as easy delivery tracking and micro-logistics.

The programme will also provide a dedicated MSME website with a one-stop shop highlighting all offerings for MSMEs and a platform to connect, it said in a press communiqué.

“MSME plays a very, very important role in our economy, and 1/3 of India’s manufacturing output is done by MSMEs. They employ around 120 million people and thus they are the employment generator engine of the country, said Anil Agarwal, Executive Chairman – Vedanta Resources Ltd.

“We have decided to partner with MSME industries. We have seen what the requirements of the MSME industries are and what is that we need to do to make them establish around our complexes,” he added.

This programme also offers skill development with the help of webinars, knowledge sharing, and assistance to MSMEs.

Vedanta is keen to offer its community of industry associations, technical experts, and research institutes for collaboration with MSMEs to engineer the development of new products, product applications and new markets for those applications, helping upskill MSMEs to match global standards and eventually substitution of imports.

Contributing towards the vision of making India a global manufacturing hub, Vedanta is looking to enable MSMEs to set up their ancillaries and downstream manufacturing facilities near its plants.

“We are offering MSMEs the complexes around our locations where we can partner with them to produce and work at the downstream industries of our products. They can also work as our ancillary industries. They also have the opportunity to work as a job, work on a contract facility,” said Agarwal.

The programme was virtually launched by Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, and Minister of Road Transport and Highways.

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