Doctors operated right kidney instead of left of a patient in Jharkhand

rimsDoctors in Jharkhand operated right kidney instead of left of a patient.

Instead of the left a patient’s right kidney was operated by the doctors at Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) in Ranchi of Jharkhand.

A Patient Gudia Bai was admitted to RIMS on Saturday and operated after she complained of severe pain. Ater tests stones had been detected in her left kidney, said Pradeep Kumar husband of the patient.

But doctors operated her right kidney instead of left. Stones were detected by doctors in her left kidney, he said. “After the operation I found stitches in her right side instead of the left side. When I asked the doctors, they assured me for further treatment but nothing has happened”, Pradeep told.

Meanwhile, the head of the department of the hospital blamed junior doctors for the blunder. When Pradeep approached the doctor who had operated Gudia Bai, she was assured treatment in a private hospital but later asked to leave the hospital.

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