A woman gang-raped in a moving car at Bengaluru

JNS I Bengaluru: A woman was allegedly gang-raped in a moving car by four men after being dragged from a park in Bengaluru.

According to the reports, the police arrested all four accused in the case, and an investigation is underway.

The incident occurred on March 25 when the woman visited the National Games Village Park in Koramangala to meet a friend, police said.

When she was sitting in the park with her friend, one accused walked up to the two women and objected to his displeasure with them sitting in the park so late at night. After the woman’s friend left, the man called up three of his friends, forcibly dragged the woman from the park, and placed her inside a waiting vehicle.

After that, the four men got into their car, drove away, and gang-raped the woman in the moving car. Then, in the wee hours of the next morning, they dumped her near her house.

The woman was allegedly warned of “dire consequences” if she went to the police, it reported.

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