Cabinat Nod to 7th Pay Panel Recommendations

logo1Giving way to the implementation of Seventh Pay Commission recommendations for the State Government employees on the lines of Government of India, the State Cabinet on Monday gave its approval for the same to be effective from January 1, 2016. A total of nine proposals were passed during the Cabinet meeting today including increasing the commission for the PDS dealers from 10 paise to Rs1 per liter on kerosene oil.

“The arrears will be paid to the employees in two different installments in the next two financial years – 2017-18 and 2018-19,” said Cabinet Secretary SS Meena.  The recommendations of Seventh Pay Commission have been approved in its original form on the lines of Government of India, he added.

With the implementation of Seventh Pay Commission, minimum salary of an employee will be Rs18000, which earlier happened to be in the slabs of Rs1650 and Rs1800 for non-matric and matric employees respectively while the minimum pension for a pensioner will be Rs9000.

“The revised pay structure will put an extra burden of Rs2500 core per year on the State exchequer, Rs1800 crore for the present employees and Rs700 crore for the pensioners,” Meena added.

In another decision, the State Cabinet dissolved the Special Investigation Team (SIT) formed to investigate the illegal transfer of Scheduled Tribe and Government land in the State. The SIT was headed by former IAS Officer Debashish Gupta, who resigned recently.

The Cabinet also approved the proposal of increasing the commission of PDS dealers from 10 paise to Rs1 per liter in kerosene oil. “50 paise will be paid by the government while 50 paise will be paid by the consumer. It will put an extra burden of Rs11 crore on the State Government,” Meena said.

The Cabinet also gave its approval for Jharkhand Targeted Public Distribution System (Control) Order – 2017, which has been formed to issue and cancel licenses of PDS shops.

“Under the new order, SORs will issue license to the PDS Dealers while the wholesalers will be given license by the Deputy Commissioner. Earlier SDO used to issue licenses to the PDS dealers,” said the Cabinet Secretary.

The Cabinet also gave its approval to induct Dumarsota, Hariharpur and Majhigowan Panchayats into Kandi Block.

In another decision taken by the Cabinet, Bokaro Steel City has been upgraded to ‘Y’ category for assessment of House Rent Allowance for the Government Employees.

Administrative approval of Rs34078.411 lakh was also given by the Cabinet for the construction of 500 check dams and series check dams in Ranchi Dumka Territory.

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