Chhath puja has many scientific aspects too

p_20171026_160550Ashis Sinha: Chhath puja the pious Hindu festival dedicated to the Sun God has many scientific aspects too.

According to the medical science this puja process has a great detoxification effect on the body and the mind as mental moods can result in biochemical changes, said Dr Randhir Singh.

The discipline of mental purity is a result of this work. By employing a number of rituals, the ‘vrattis’ (one who kept fast) focus on maintaining the cleanliness of the offerings and environment. Cleanliness is the most dominant thought that prevails in the minds of the devotees during Chhath.

“Fasting during this puja paves the way for detoxification at a material level which helps in regularising the flow of prana and makes the person more energetic. The natural immune system of the body spends much of its energy in fighting the toxins present in the body, he said.

By using the detoxification methods such as pranayam, meditation, yoga and Chhath practices, the amount of toxins present in the body can be reduced to a great extent. Thus, with the reduction in the amount of toxins, the expenditure of energy also reduces and you feel more energetic. It improves the appearance of the skin. The eyesight can improve and the ageing process of the body slows down”, added Randhir.

Chhath Puja has Photo-electrochemical effect which improves the immunity of the Vratti’s body as well as safe radiation of sunlight can help cure fungal and bacterial infections of the skin which is ‘Antiseptic effects’ of this Puja, said Dr Lalan Thakur.

Elaborating the effects of Sunrays Thakur said that Chhath Puja also increase in fighting the power of blood and energy infused into the bloodstream improves the performance of white blood cells and also “influence the glands, which results in balanced secretion of hormones”, added Thakur.

Not only Hindus but many people from other religions also observed this puja by blurring the religious lines across coal and steel belt (Dhanbad-Bokaro) of Jharkhand. They used to keep them on fasts and offer prayers to the sun god for the betterment of their own and family members.

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