‘Daro mat, Bhago mat…,’ PM Modi jabs as Rahul Gandhi switches from Amethi to Rae Bareli; files nomination

New Delhi: In a strategic move, Rahul Gandhi, a key figure in the Congress party, has shifted his electoral focus from Amethi to Rae Bareli. He submitted his nomination papers amidst heightened political fervor, indicating a significant change in his election strategy for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi seized on this development to criticize Gandhi, using his own slogan against him. Speaking at a rally in West Bengal, Modi remarked, “I had already informed you that the prince is seeking another seat for himself due to the fear of defeat in Wayanad.

Now, he has had to leave Amethi and opt for the Rae Bareli seat. These people go around telling everyone ‘daro mat’ (don’t be afraid)! I would say the same to them, daro mat, bhago mat (don’t be afraid, do not run).”

The Congress party officially announced Rahul Gandhi as its candidate from Rae Bareli and Kishori Lal Sharma from Amethi in Uttar Pradesh, putting an end to all speculations. Rahul’s decision to contest from Rae Bareli, a Congress stronghold where his mother Sonia Gandhi won in the 2019 elections, highlights the party’s strategy to strengthen its position in crucial constituencies.

Sonia Gandhi, a Congress leader, has decided to step back from the Lok Sabha elections by choosing a Rajya Sabha seat.

Rahul’s choice to contest from Rae Bareli follows his defeat in Amethi in the 2019 parliamentary elections against Union Minister Smriti Irani, signaling a shift in his political strategy and campaign dynamics.

Congress has fielded its top leader Rahul Gandhi from Rae Bareli and Kishori Lal Sharma from Amethi in Uttar Pradesh to take on the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the Lok Sabha elections.

As Rahul Gandhi filed his nomination to contest from the Raebareli constituency in Uttar Pradesh, CPI’s Annie Raja criticized him, saying he should have revealed this earlier to the voters in Wayanad.

Rahul was the UDF candidate in Wayanad where CPI fielded Annie Raja. The constituency went to polls on April 26 in the second phase of the Lok Sabha elections.

“He should have shown political morality. He should have informed the people of Wayanad about Raebareli. It is not acceptable that he kept this away from the people of Wayanad,” said Annie Raja.

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