‘First win from Raebareli before challenging for the top…!’

New Delhi: Former Russian chess champion Garry Kasparov has subtly criticized Rahul Gandhi, a leader of the Indian National Congress, in response to comments made by the party praising Gandhi’s political acumen and chess skills.

The Congress Party recently shared a video of Gandhi playing chess on his phone during his election campaign in Rae Bareli. Gandhi, in the video, cited Kasparov as his favorite chess player and drew parallels between chess strategies and political tactics.

In reaction to this, a user known as X suggested that both Vishwanathan Anand and Garry Kasparov retired early to avoid facing the “greatest chess genius of our times.”

Responding to this comment, Kasparov, the former World Chess Champion, humorously remarked, “Tradition dictates that you should first win from Raebareli before challenging for the top!” along with a laughing emoji.

Kasparov’s comment was a retort to Gandhi’s recent statements about his early experiences with chess and his political strategies.

Gandhi had previously praised Kasparov, calling him his favorite chess player and highlighting his ability to handle pressure and think non-linearly. Gandhi also claimed to be the best chess player among Indian politicians.

Kasparov’s response was directed at a user expressing relief that both Kasparov and Anand had retired early and wouldn’t have to face the “greatest chess genius of our times.”

Rahul Gandhi filed his nomination from Rae Bareli on Friday, in addition to contesting from Wayanad in Kerala. Kasparov, who became the youngest undisputed world champion at 22 in 1985, retired from competitive chess in 2005 and is now a political activist and vocal critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin. He currently resides in Croatia.

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