Dhanbad police arrest two cyber criminals, recovered 9 mobile phones

Dhanbad: Two cyber criminals were apprehended on Thursday night by the Dhanbad Police, marking a major triumph in the fight against cybercrime. As the suspects attempted to perpetrate online fraud, the East Tundi police unit apprehended them and confiscated numerous important documents in addition to nine mobile phones.

Following instructions from Deputy Superintendent of Police (Headquarters 2) Sandeep Gupta and acting on confidential information received by Senior Superintendent of Police Hrideep P Janardhanan, a police team led by Incharge of East Tundi Police Station Madan Chaudhary raided Das Tola in the village of Latani in East Tundi. Das Tola native Prem Prakash Das and Govindpur Upper Bazar resident brother-in-law Sanjay Ravidas alias Bunty were both apprehended during the raid.

Officials at the highest levels have stated that Prem Prakash Das was involved in cybercrime. Based on this intelligence, a special squad was assembled and led by Madan Chaudhary, the incharge of the East Tundi Police Station. Prem Prakash Das and Ravidas were apprehended by the team during a raid at their Latani apartment on Thursday evening. Das and Ravidas were planning to commit fraud.

No one in the area was prepared to testify as a witness despite the police’s pleas for help in the investigation. Nine cell phones, SIM cards, and an extra charger were found during the search, which was overseen by Sub Inspectors Radhe Bara and Pagan Murmu. The discovery of numerous documents including the details of hundreds of bank accounts and phone numbers further highlights the scope of the crime.

Investigating further, the police found that the two suspects had a history of internet fraud, during which they had victimised a large number of people through a variety of cybercrimes.

The two men who were arrested are part of a trio that the East Tundi Police Station has charged with violations of several sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and the Information Technology Act (66B, 66C, and 66D). Authorities are still trying to figure out what happened and who was responsible, so the investigation is far from over.

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