DVC is progressing only because of dedication of its employees: Sah

JNS I Chandrapura: Seven dedicated Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC) employees of Chandrapura Thermal Power Station (CTPS), in a bid farewell to their years of service in a ceremony at Chandrapura on Thursday. The retirement send-off event was organised on Wednesday, accompanied by  accolades and tokens of appreciation from DVC officials.

Addressing the gathering during the event, Senior General Manager Rampravesh Sah expressed his gratitude and admiration for the retiring employees. He highlighted the significant role these employees played in the progress of the DVC.

Sah acknowledged the crucial contributions of DVC workers, emphasizing their unwavering dedication to taking DVC to new heights. He expressed heartfelt appreciation for their loyalty, noting that even after retirement, the bond between these employees and DVC remained intact. He considered this ongoing connection a symbol of good fortune.

Speaking on the occasion, Sah encouraged the retiring workers to continue making substantial contributions to their families, society, and their well-being post-retirement. He urged them to stay actively involved in social and community development while remaining vigilant about their health.

He further emphasized that the qualities present in DVC employees should also benefit society. Along with the retiring workers, the event witnessed speeches from retired employees Rakesh Kumar Singh, Shiv Prasad Paswan, Avinash Tudu, Indra Manjhi, Shamsher Khan, Dilip Singh, and Satendra Prasad.

Sah concluded his address by stating that society should also reap the benefits of the inherent qualities possessed by DVC workers. The ceremony was presided over by Pradeep Kumar Srivastava.

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