DVC Mazdoor Sangh and BMS to Convene L20 Meeting in Kolkata on September 26

JNS: A pivotal gathering, the L20 meeting, has been scheduled in Kolkata on September 26, involving the participation of workers from DVC (Damodar Valley Corporation) and various other regions across the country. The event is being organized jointly by the DVC Mazdoor Sangh and the Central Committee of the Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS).

Tapan Kumar Das, the General Secretary of the DVC Mazdoor Sangh, informed that this decision has been taken during a recent meeting held in Maithon, Jharkhand.

This meeting emerged as a platform for the deliberation of numerous pressing issues, culminating in a pivotal resolution, said Das adding, “One of the significant outcomes was the decision to host a three-day meeting by the All India Electrical Workers Federation in February 2024 at the Magiya Thermal Power Station, with the DVC labor union taking on the responsibility of organizing this substantial event.”

During the meeting, discussions encompassed a wide array of concerns, including disparities observed in the National Pension Plan (NPP), the relocation of accounting departments from smaller sub-stations to Maithon, inconsistencies within the incentive schemes introduced by the DVC, the implementation of license fees by the DVC, transfer postings within the DVC, the transition from the National Pension Scheme (NPS) to the Old Pension Scheme (OPS), the recruitment of apprentices, and several other topics of significance. The secretaries representing various units had the opportunity to present their perspectives during the proceedings.

Furthermore, the meeting included the acknowledgment and felicitation of distinguished individuals. Satyanarayan Mukherjee, MLA from Chhatna, along with DVC Labor Union President Argho Basu and General Secretary Tapan Kumar Das, received honors during this significant event. A teacher from the DVC High School was also recognized for their contributions.

The meeting witnessed the participation of several prominent figures, including Sudhir Prasad, Ajay Bhattacharya, Rajdev Singh, Anil Singh, Bhairav Mahton, Satendra Narayan Singh, Akhilesh Singh, Bharat Bhai Patel, Amar Lal Bala, Jeevan Karmakar, Om Prakash Singh, Madan Kumar, KN Singh, Prashant Mandal, Kanchan Sen Modak, and Pushpenjit Sai, among others.

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