Modi urges, ‘Do not politicise triple talaq issue’

modi-mPrime Minister Narendra Modi today used the occasion of the birth anniversary of a social reformer to urge Muslims to “not politicise the issue of triple talaq” and to “protect women from the effects” of the practice of oral divorce.

“Reformers from the Muslim community itself will come forward to fight what (our) Muslim daughters have to go through (in the name of triple talaq), they will find a way out,” said the PM in New Delhi today at an event to mark the birth anniversary of Basava, a 12th century philosopher and social reformer.

Modi also urged the Muslim community to have an open mind about the triple talaq issue. “I also request the Muslim community, don’t look at this issue through a political lens, don’t let it go that route,” Modi said.
The PM has raised the issue of triple talaq several times recently, even as the Supreme Court is hearing a case on potentially banning the practice that some Muslim men follow of saying ‘talaq’ three times for an instant divorce.

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