Nepali citizen elected “Mukhiya” in Bihar; EC declared ineligible

JNS: Exploiting systemic loopholes, a foreign national managed to illegally secure Indian citizenship and even win an election in Bihar, raising concerns about the lax issuance of Aadhaar/PAN cards to illegal immigrants. The incident involves Biltu Rai, alias Bilat Rai or Bilat Prasad Yadav, a Nepali citizen who fraudulently participated in the election for the head of Bhaluaha Panchayat in Sonbarsa block, Bihar.

Mukhiya Biltu Rai’s Nepali citizenship was uncovered through a complaint filed by Mukesh Kumar Sah from Parsa Khurd, Sonbarsa block, under Sections 135 and 136 (2) of the Bihar Panchayat Raj Act-2006.

After a thorough investigation, the State Election Commission found Rai guilty of concealing his nationality, participating in the election as a Nepali citizen, and submitting a false affidavit. Consequently, he has been declared ineligible for the Mukhiya post.

During the proceedings, it was revealed that Rai had been a Nepali citizen since 2007, a fact he admitted to. He applied for renunciation of Nepalese citizenship, which was approved after the election on May 22, 23. However, the Commission clarified that renouncing Nepali citizenship does not automatically confer Indian citizenship. Therefore, Rai’s election was deemed illegal, leading to his disqualification.

In response, the District Magistrate has been authorized to take legal action against Rai. This incident underscores the urgent need for stricter scrutiny and verification processes to prevent such fraudulent activities in future elections.

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