BSL develops briquettes from waste materials, used in its Steel Plant furnace

Bokaro: A joint team of the Blast Furnace Department of SAIL’s Bokaro Steel Plant (BSL) and SAIL-RDCIS has achieved a major milestone by successfully charging briquettes in Blast Furnace No. 01 of BSL on a trial basis. This marks the first such experiment within SAIL.

RDCIS and BSL have collaborated to develop briquettes using return sinter, sludge, and other fine waste materials from Bokaro Steel Plant. This initiative is a crucial step toward ensuring the sustainability of iron-making processes.

Furthermore, this new technology represents a significant advancement in environmental management and resource optimization within the steel manufacturing process.

The project, led by Birendra Kumar Tiwari, Executive Director (Operations) at BSL, and executed by CGM (Iron) at RDCIS, has been implemented under the guidance of A.K. Mistry, CGM (Blast Furnace), and M.P. Singh, CGM (RMHP).

Several key personnel from BSL and RDCIS were actively involved in this project, including BK Behera (CGM, Sinter Plant, BSL), Dhananjay Kumar (CGM, RMHP, BSL), M Roy (GM, BF, RDCIS), Shyamsundar (GM, BF, BSL), K Minz (GM, BF, BSL), Adarsh Gupta (GM, SP), Anil Kumar (DGM, SP, BSL), Santosh Kumar (DGM, RDCIS Bokaro), Manish Madhav (Manager, BF), Ms. Smita Toppo (Manager, RDCIS Bokaro), and Abhijeet Das (Manager, RDCIS Bokaro).

This successful development and utilization of briquettes from waste materials underscore BSL’s commitment to innovation and sustainability in the steel industry, said an official of BSL.

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