Pakistani vessel smuggling drugs worth Rs 600 Cr intercepted in Arabian Sea; 14 arrested

JNS: The Indian Coast Guard successfully intercepted a suspicious boat in the Arabian Sea, located west of Gujarat’s Porbandar, which was found to be transporting approximately 86 kilograms of drugs valued at around Rs 600 crore from Pakistan.

Acting on intelligence inputs, the Coast Guard collaborated with the Anti-terrorism Squad (ATS) and the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) to target the drug trafficking network operating in the region.

A total of 14 crew members aboard the Pakistani vessel were apprehended during the operation.

“In a breathtaking overnight operation, the Indian Coast Guard undertook an intelligence-based anti-narcotics operation at sea. Approx 86 kg of narcotics worth Rs 600 crore has been apprehended along with 14 crew from the Pakistani boat,” stated the Coast Guard in a press release.

The Coast Guard deployed both ships and aircraft simultaneously to ensure the success of the mission. The Coast Guard ship Rajratan, carrying NCB and ATS officials, was among the key vessels involved in the operation.

Despite the suspected drug-carrying boat’s attempts to evade detection, the vigilant Coast Guard ship located and intercepted it. A specialized team from the ship conducted a thorough search, confirming the presence of drugs on board.

“No amount of evasive manoeuvring tactics employed by the drug-laden boat could save it from the swift and strong ICG ship Rajratan. Ship’s specialist team embarked the suspect boat and after thorough checks, confirmed the presence of the sizeable amount narcotics,” the Coast Guard reported.

The seized Pakistani boat, along with its crew, is being escorted to Porbandar for further investigation.

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