Pratistha Mishra prodigy of DPS Bokaro writes ‘Dharma Transpired’

Bokaro: Pratistha Mishra yet another child prodigy of DPS Bokaro expresses her views on mythology through her book titled ‘Dharma Transpired’.

Pratistha is currently a student of Class XII. She started writing when she was in Class VII and the COVID-19 lockdown served as a medium to explore her creative potentials to its fullest and maintain positivity.

Her book was published in the third week of March 2021 which is available online as well. The budding author is an avid reader and is inspired by Indian Mythology.

Sharing about her passion for writing, she said, “I started writing my experiences in the form of bedtime stories- what I read in Indian mythology, what I heard from my parents, saw or felt.”

The book gives an insight into the mythological teachings. The illustrations reflect her imagination of Indian mythology.

While presenting her book to her Principal, DPS Bokaro Pratistha said that the school has always been a motivating factor and the teachers encouraged her to write. “All teachers in the Department of English believed that I could write a book, which encouraged me to write this piece,” opined Pratistha on the contribution of the school and the teachers in guiding her to become a writer.

Applauding the writing skills of Pratistha, Principal DPS Bokaro, A. S. Gangwar said that it is a welcome sign that young students like Pratistha are coming up with such creative accomplishments. The inclination towards culture and mythology promises a better tomorrow. He wished Pratistha a very bright future ahead and added that he looks forward to more such creative endeavours.

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