Teacher Catches Class-7 Student Jumping-off 3rd floor

Jharkhand MirrorIn a heroic act, a teacher of Guru Gobind Singh Public School (GGPS) in Bokaro saved the life of a Class 7 student as he caught her before touching the ground on her suicidal bid to jump off the third floor of the school building. The teacher, named, Anil Kumar got severe head injuries and his situation is said to be critical.

Although friends and classmates of the students doubted that the girl was possibly a victim of the ‘Blue Whale Game’, parents of the kid alleged foul play by school authorities. “A Class 7 ‘F’ student of GGPS, Bokaro Steel City, Sector 5, jumped from the third floor of her school building, as if she had completed all the tasks of the Blue Whale Game and the last one was jumping off from third floor,” said Rajesh a classmate of the girl, who was one among the eyewitness. It must be mentioned here that the impact of  Blue Whale game has been very disastrous for children and it has so far taken a number of lives across India. It is the need of the hour for parents and teachers as well to keep a close watch on kids’ activities.

“I saw her on the third floor of the school building, she was ready to jump. I shouted and tried to stop her,” said Puja another eyewitness. “Suddenly, our drawing teacher Anil Sir heard the alarm call and rushed ther. He also tried to stop her but she did not pay any heed and jumped down,” Puja added.

“We all shocked, but Anil sir did not get nervous and caught her in his lap. After rescuing her, sir got senseless and immediately rushed to the Bokaro General Hospital,” she said.

Deputy Superintendent of Police, Bokaro, Ajay Kumar, denied the incident related with the blue whale game. “Her parents have alleged that their daughter took such step after torture by one history teacher. Though we are investigating on all points but now it’s too early to say anything. We cannot spell the exact reason right now as the girl is not in the condition to speak,” he said.

Indrashan Choudhary, Officer – in-Charge of Sector 6 Police station said that the condition of the teacher is stable we are trying to shift him to Ranchi for better treatment as he got severe head injuries.He also said that there is no need to get panicked.

Meanwhile, the parents of the girl alleged a school history teacher is responsible for the incident. “Scolded and tortured by History teacher my daughter tried to commit suicide,” said Chandrashakher Pal, father of the girl.

‘We are investigating into the matter, a case has been filed’, said OC of Sector 6 police station.

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