Tools that help you to find COVID-19 vaccination slot: Expert

Ashis Sinha I JNS: Vaccination against COVID-19 is now being attempted to be put to all people aged above 18 years. Walk-in vaccinations are not permitted for the 18-44 age groups but booking a vaccine appointment through the government website or app is often a challenging experience with multiple logins and one-time passwords (OTPs).

A vaccine slot booking can only be confirmed through the Cowin portal or via the Aarogya Setu app. However, there are a lot of tools to find a vaccination slot which will help one to get out from this problem, said Deepak a Cyber Security expert.

Notably, most of these tools take the data from CoWIN in real time (Covid Vaccine Intelligence Network), he said.

“If you are looking for vaccine slots, I recommend to sign up for notifications and alerts on anyone tools (like PayTM,,, to ensure you receive all available information,” added Deepak.

Paytm: – One can also get information about the available slots in his district on Paytm. This feature is available on Android as well as iOS. It can be found in ‘Discover with Paytm’ section with the title “Vaccine Finder”.

Covid-19 Vaccine Tracker: – This open source tool works on Google Doc Seat and based on APN. It automatically monitors the vaccine availability available in your area and informs you on your email when a slot is available. It also gives the freedom to choose one option in both Covaxin and Covshield vaccines. : – This website is available in both desktop and mobile versions; provides the facility to choose the vaccine slot according to age, city and district. Clicking on it takes you to the COVID-19 portal. : – It gives an alert on the Telegram app when a slot is available in your district. The name of your city and district has to be filled on the and after clicking it will takes you from your telegram to the link which is related to your district. You can join that district and get alerts. : – This website provides you the facility to sign up for email alerts. You can email your name and district name in it. You will have to wait for 48 hours on receiving an email alert for the first time, informed Deepak.

He appealed to all eligible persons (of age), who have not yet participated in the vaccination against Coronavirus, must get the vaccine shot as earliest.

“This vaccine is completely safe. People must take the vaccine at their turn in a bid to make the vaccination campaign, 100 percent successful and to keep his family and people around him safe,” added Deepak.

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