Week of Sharing-Caring concluded at DPS Bokaro

16-c-i-174Aiming to encourage students about the spirit of ‘giving’, ‘Joy of Giving & Sharing’ Week celebrated at DPS Bokaro, was concluded on Tuesday. The arena gave a festive look, welcoming the students of ‘Deepansh’ Shikhsha Kendra run under the aegis of DPS Bokaro, for the marginalized sections of the society.

This is a day eagerly awaited by the students of the school to experience happiness oversharing in an ever-cheerful and welcoming environment. In both the Primary and Senior Wing the Deepansh students participated with a great zeal. The students of class V (Eco-club) performed a skit based on the theme ‘Cleanliness’.

A poem ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’ was presented by Class III students. A sincere interaction between the Deepansh and DPS students was witnessed. The attraction of the programme was the warm welcome of the Deepansh students with a gift and the taste of the different delicacies offered in the classes, which was thoroughly enjoyed by them.

Students of Deepansh participated enthusiastically in games and co-curricular activities in an inclusive manner with Dipsites. ‘Wish Tree’ was put in each class where the children put up their wishes, regarding their services towards the community.

The school aims to promote the essence of the Indian culture and ethos, imparting holistic growth of students through such inclusive education, said a school authority.

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