ESL Steel Limited holds an inter-center quiz competition to foster a curiosity in students

Bokaro: ESL Steel Limited, a Vedanta Group Company known for its commitment to community development, organized an inter-centre quiz competition aimed at fostering a thirst for knowledge among students.

The event was part of ESL Steel Limited’s efforts to support the overall development of children, particularly those enrolled in the company’s educational programs like Project Prerna Centres (Tutorial & Drawing) and Excel 30 Classes.

The quiz competition, organized in collaboration with Sarthak Sustainable Development Foundation, aimed to encourage students to go beyond textbooks and apply their knowledge practically.

ESL Steel Limited frequently organizes such events, including science exhibitions, art shows, and quizzes, to provide interactive platforms for students to gain knowledge, develop teamwork skills, and excel beyond academics.

The competition attracted around 100 attendees, including students, guardians, teachers, and local dignitaries, who came to support the contestants. The dignitaries praised ESL Steel Limited and its partner for organizing the event and were impressed by the enthusiasm of the participating children.

“ESL Steel Limited is committed to the holistic development and happiness of the communities around our plant. We aim to provide a platform for creativity and expression among our students,” said Ashish Ranjan, Head of CSR, ER & PR at ESL Steel Limited. “Initiatives like these nurture talent, encourage teamwork, and foster a vibrant learning environment,” he added.

Rakesh Mishra, Deputy Head of CSR at ESL Steel Limited, noted the confidence of the contestants and the enthusiasm of the spectators. He expressed his happiness with the event’s success and pledged to organize more such events in the future.

The winners in various categories of the competition were: Group A (Prerna Tutorials): 1st – Prerna Tutorials, Modidih; 2nd – Prerna Drawing Centre, Chandaha; 3rd – Prerna Tutorials, Kumatand; Group B (Prerna Centre): 1st – Prerna Centre, Chandaha; 2nd – Prerna Centre, Siyaljori; 3rd – Prerna Centre, Yogidih. In Group C (Vedanta ESL Excel 30 Centre): Team 1.

Notably, Sarthak Sustainable Development Foundation, in collaboration with ESL Steel Ltd., aims to strengthen primary and secondary education under the “Prerna” project. The project aims to provide quality education opportunities to students from socio-economically weaker sections, ensuring their holistic development.

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