Former IPS officer PS Natarajan acquitted

Jharkhand MirrorFormer IPS officer PS Natarajan was acquitted by a special court from all charges including sexual exploitation on Saturday. Natrajan was dismissed from service in 2012 after being suspended in 2005 following a sensational sting operation that was broadcast across the nation.

After 12-year long hearing in the case, the court of Shivapal Singh acquitted Natarajan of all charges. In the case number 257 of 2006 as many as 75 witnesses were presented, out of which 63 witnesses were presented by the prosecution, while 12 witnesses gave depositions from the defence side. Natrajan was acquitted in the light of no satisfactory evidence brought before the court.

An FIR was lodged against Natrajan on August 2, 2005 at Lower Bazar Police Station, Ranchi allegeging him of rape and sexual exploitation of one Sushma Badaik. After pronouncement of verdict Natrajan said that he was framed for such heinous crime because of conspiracy that somehow he could not become DGP of the State. On the contrary, Badaik expressed anguish over the decision and indulged in a quarrel outside the court with media persons.



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