Modi 3.0: Ajit Pawar declines BJP’s offer of MoS with Independent Charge for Praful Patel

New Delhi: Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) president Ajit Pawar has turned down the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)’s offer to appoint his colleague, Praful Patel, as Minister of State with Independent Charge, deeming the position inappropriate.

Ajit Pawar explained that they would prefer to wait for a cabinet ministerial position in Modi’s next cabinet, citing Patel’s previous experience as a cabinet minister. “Praful Patel has served as a cabinet minister in the central government in the past, so we did not feel right in accepting the offer of Minister of State with Independent Charge,” Pawar stated.

Pawar further mentioned that the NCP communicated to the BJP their preference for a cabinet ministry, and the BJP accepted their decision. “We assured the BJP we would wait but wanted a cabinet ministry,” he said. “They accepted and we declined.”

Pawar, who attended the oath-taking ceremony on Sunday, said he informed BJP leaders they would wait for a cabinet position, anticipating an increase in their MPs in the coming months with new Rajya Sabha members.

In Maharashtra’s Lok Sabha elections, the ruling NDA lost 17 of 48 seats. The NCP secured 1 of these 17 seats, while the BJP won 9 and Shiv Sena 7.

Following Ajit Pawar’s rejection, NCP (Sharad Pawar) leader Rohit Pawar commented to ANI, “BJP wants to show that they didn’t profit from them in Lok Sabha. Praful Patel has benefited most… Smartest Ajit Pawar associate is Praful Patel.”

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