Rahul Gandhi not to use Congress flag in Wayanad; Meeting Muslim League’s Condition

JNS: The Indian National Congress has agreed to abstain from using its flag during the Lok Sabha election campaign in Wayanad, where Rahul Gandhi is seeking reelection.

This decision was publicly announced on Saturday in front of the Muslim League, which had set this as one of its conditions for supporting the Nehru-Gandhi alliance.

Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) president-in-charge M M Hassan confirmed the decision, stating, “We will use the party emblem instead of the flag during Wayanad election campaigning. I cannot explain more.”

This announcement came after Rahul Gandhi’s recent roadshow and campaign rally in Wayanad, which notably lacked Congress flags. Wayanad, being Muslim-dominated and influenced by the Islamist party, holds significant electoral weight in the region.

According to the media reports, this development has historical echoes, as in the early 1950s, Rahul’s great-grandfather Jawaharlal Nehru referred to the Muslim League as a “dead horse” during a visit to Kerala. However, the tables have turned, and the Muslim League now appears to be asserting its influence over the Congress, it reported.

Meanwhile, political observers view this as a substantial setback for the Congress, indicating the League’s success in forcing compliance with its demands. Notably, the Muslim League had previously compelled then-Chief Minister Oommen Chandi to appoint a League nominee as the fifth Minister, despite an initial agreement for four Ministries.

While the Congress holds a numerical advantage in the Legislative Assembly, the Muslim League controls the United Democratic Front (UDF). The League’s demand for three seats in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections has pushed the Congress to make significant concessions. As part of this agreement, the Congress has promised the League the next State Rajya Sabha seat, stated media reports.

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