Patience and Perseverance are Secrets to Success: Simon

simonPatience and perseverance are the secrets to success, said environmentalist social worker and Padma Shri award recipient Simon Oraon, an Indian environmentalist and social worker.

Oraon is popularly known as the ‘waterman of Jharkhand’, who has worked for massive afforestation in the State.

Addressing the gathering of students of Deepansh at DPS in Bokaro Simon apprised the students of his achievements and how he achieved his goal by taking the loan and digging 60-70 wells and a pond in his village.

Simon also elaborated how single-handedly, he converted a village which was draught affected, completely deprived of vegetables into a bounty of vegetables which now sends vegetables to neighbouring villages as well.

He urged the children to always seek permission and guidance from parents and teachers at home and school respectively.

Simon asked the children whom they considered as ‘God’, some of them replied parents while some guru but Simon opined that they were all secondary and that ‘God’ resides within us.

Appreciating his efforts Dr. Hemlata S Mohan the Director and Principal of DPS, Bokaro said, Simon is known for his immense contributions to society including efforts of construction of irrigation reservoirs, environmental projects including mass tree plantation and digging of wells and ponds in the Bero Block near Ranchi. “For which Simon has been awarded by the Government of India, the one of the highest civilian honour, the Padma Shree, in 2016,” she added.

“We require a number of such personalities who can bring a difference in the society and urged the students that every child can make a difference in this world if he or she can take small steps to conserve water,” added Mohan.

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