Bokaro Press Club gets new executive body

Bokaro Pree ClubBokaro Press Club gets new executive body

The new executive body of Bokaro Press Club was elected after the election of the club’s executive body which was held at Bokaro Parishadan on Tuesday.

Krishna Choudhary elected for the post of the president along with Ashis Sinha for the post of General Secretary of the club.

Likewise Ashok Vishwakarma, Hareram Bharti, Arvind Sharma, Vijay Jha and Manoj Kumar elected as Board of Directors, Vinod Ojha and Arun Patkh as Vice president, Hemant Vishwakarma and Sunil Kumar as Secretary, Piyus Rai treasurer while Ajit Kumar, Deepak Jha, Pankaj Singh, Surendra Kumar, Sujit Kumar, Jai Sinha and Sanjay Kumar elected as executive members of the club.

The Bokaro Press Club has been a champion of working journalists and professional communicators since 2011, providing advocacy, information and service to the society.


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